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Foster Terms and Conditions

As a Foster, I/We agree to the following: 


  1. The Dog in my care under the Wagging Happy Tails Dog Rescue Foster Program is owned solely by  the Rescue.

  2. It is necessary for record keeping, appointments, and public information to refer to the Dog by the name provided by the Rescue.

  3. Foster will allow a representative of the Rescue to visit Foster’s premises to ensure the terms of this agreement have been kept. 

  4. Any Dog in the care of the Foster will be provided with adequate fresh food and water, along with clean, dry shelter when outside, and daily exercise. 

  5. Foster will provide a safe collar/harness for the Dog when outside. 

  6. Foster will obey all applicable laws governing control and custody of animals. 

  7. Foster will treat the Dog as a family companion only. 

  8. The Dog is not to ride loose in the bed of pickup trucks, convertibles or to be left in a car at all. 

  9. The Foster is to have a clean, secure fenced area for the Dog. If a fenced enclosure is not available, the Foster agrees to leash-walk Dog. 

  10. Foster will transport the Dog  to veterinary appointments and adoption events or allow for the Rescue to make alternative transportation arrangements to get the Dog to the appropriate appointments/events. 

  11. Wagging Happy Tails Dog Rescue retains legal control of the Dog and Foster is not authorized to make any legal or medical decisions on the Rescue’s behalf. 

  12. Foster must allow potential adopters that are approved by Rescue to meet the Dog at the family home OR at another reasonable location as decided by the Rescue. 

  13. Foster agrees to facilitate meetings with prospective adopters and answer questions by potential adopters. 

  14. Foster agrees to respond as soon as possible to Rescue and no longer than four hours concerning the Dog and/or potential adopters. 

  15. Rescue makes no guarantees or statements regarding the Dog's age, breed, health, or temperament. While the Rescue has made every effort to provide accurate history and assessment of the Dog, the Rescue is not able to guarantee the Dog’s age, breed, medical status, behavior or disposition. The Rescue is available for consultation, advice and assistance pertaining to the health, training and compatibility of the Dog. 

  16. All medical expenses that are approved by the Rescue and treated through a Rescue approved veterinary office will be covered by the Rescue. If you take the Rescue’s Dog to your veterinarian it will not be covered. 

  17. Foster agrees to release Rescue and its members or representatives of all possible claims arising from injury or damage caused by the Dog to any person or property. 

  18. If you choose to adopt the Dog, you will be required to fill out an Adoption Application. Upon receipt, the Adoption Application will be processed according to Rescue’s guidelines.

  19. In the event of a claim being brought to enforce rights under this contract, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its cost and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees incurred in the event of breach of this contract.

As a Foster, I/We agree to release the previous owner as well as the Rescue and its representatives of any liability arising from our duties as a Foster from this date forward. 

I/We agree to abide by the foster conditions, and I/we have read and fully understand that the Rescue may repossess the Dog at any time for any reason or  if the foster conditions are violated or the Dog is mistreated.  The Rescue reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time and for any reason.

og is mistreated. 

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